Kinds of projects

Valid projects




You can publish and/or sell your project (e.g., a video) anywhere. You can find examples here.

Uploading projects to fingerprinting databases not allowed

It is not allowed to upload your project to fingerprinting-databases like "Content ID" or "Facebook Rights Manager" (e.g., via digital distributors like AdRev, Believe, Feiyr, iMusician, Distrokid, TuneCore, Audiam, CD Baby, Indiefy, Haawk, Identifyy, etc.). Uploading projects that use music from music libraries into a fingerprinting-database can lead to false copyright claims. This causes problems for other users or for future projects.

Use only in a valid project

A song can only be used in a creative media project (e.g., in a video). The use of music without a project is not permitted. Please click here for an overview of valid project types.

It is explicitly not allowed to use a song in any music productions (e.g. by adding vocals or rap or as a remix, compilation, etc.).

Examples of inappropriate usage of audiohub music
• You are a singer/rapper and want to sing/rap a text to an audiohub song and publish it.
• You want to create a CD and publish audiohub songs on it without a project.
• You operate a radio station or music streaming service and want to broadcast audiohub music.
• You have written video editing software and want to sell audiohub music with the software.

No. A project can only consist of one file at a time (e.g., one MP4 video file). Exceptions are adaptations (e.g., language versions, a short version, converted file formats).

To use a song in an intro and outro (e.g., in videos or podcasts), purchase one Standard License. Then the intro/outro can be used in any number of episodes. This video explains everything about the use of music in intros and outros:
Explainer video

Example of an intro:
Hello and welcome to our show, "In the Eye of the Wild." Today's episode is about elephants. Have fun!

Example of an outro:
We hope you enjoyed "In the Eye of the Wild." See you next time!

Intro and outro are considered as one file and can be published anywhere (e.g., in other episodes).

If you purchase a Standard License for a song, you can use that song on a single company's call system, defined as a base number with extensions (e.g. 312-555-1111 x101, x102, x103, etc.). A separate license must be acquired for each office/company (e.g. subsidiaries).

Can a project consist of several files?

No. A project can only consist of a single file at a time (for example, one MP4 video file).
This video explains everything about the use of music in telephone systems.

Note: We do not offer voice overs.