Simple Licensing Model

Which license is best for your project needs?

Standard License

  1. If you purchase a Standard License for a song,
  2. you can use this song in one single licensee project
  3. and publish and/or sell this project anywhere.

Extended License

Our licenses in comparison

All of our licenses cover:

Standard Extended
For everyone
Companies, freelancers, associations, editors, educational institutions, legal entities & more
All uses
Commercial, trade, editorial, volunteer, academic & more
Anywhere, anytime
Your project can be published and/or sold worldwide in perpetuity.
Your data and the data of your customers will be processed in accordance with the GDPR.
License certificate
Certifies that the music is being used legally and is exempt from royalties of any performing rights organization (PRO)
Unlimited recipients
Your project can be made accessible to as many people as you like.
Your project can be published and/or sold on multiple media channels at the same time.
Brilliant quality
The music is available for download as WAV and MP3 files at any time.
No follow-on costs
There are no follow-on costs.
No copyright notice
There is no copyright notice required.

Standard 25inc. VAT

  • Use of a song in a single project
  • The project can be published and sold anywhere.

Extended 49inc. VAT

  • Use of a song in any number of projects of the licensee
  • These projects can be published and sold everywhere.
Standard License = 1 Credit | Extended License = 2 Credits
Credits are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.
No subscription, no automatic renewal.