With the license validator, you can quickly check if your audiohub license is valid.

To do this, enter the 15-digit license key, which you will find in your customer area under orders as well as on the license document.

License Validator

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the license certificate?

To download the license certificate, go to the customer area (orders) and click on the green button at the top right of your order. You will need a license certificate/cue sheet to make DVD pressings, for example. It certifies that the song is free of any collecting society rights (e.g., ASCAP, SACEM, SABAM, MCPS-PRS, GEMA, AKM, SUISA, GVL).

Where exactly is the license key located in my customer area?

The license key is located in your customer area under orders on the right side.

Where exactly is the license key on the license document?

The license key is located on the first page of the license document.
FYI: The license key is not the invoice number! The license key is a 15-digit number and letter combination.

The license document can not be downloaded.

This can have two reasons:
1.) If you have paid by invoice, the license key and the license document will only be released after receipt of payment.
2.) The order has been canceled (e. g. due to a failed payment transaction).