Aggressive / Angry Raw and tough songs with brutal percussive beats, distorted guitars and aggressive, loud soundschemes.


Balanced Slow songs that invite you to put your feet up and relax – accompanied by heavenly ambient pads and subtle percussive rhythms.
Bored / Lazy Sluggish, slow tracks that invite you to feel lazy and want to waste the day away relaxing in a hammock.


Celestial These spherical songs come from the ambient genre and invite you to relax and take it easy- with expansive pad sounds and comfortable, subtle melodic elements.
Cool / Easy-going Songs with smooth bass lines and languid percussive beats- everything that you need for a chilled-out time can be found here.


Dark Dark, melancholic tracks with sad undertones- portrayed by spherical pads and restless percussive beats.
Dreamy These songs depict images of having your head in the clouds, twiddling your thumbs and feeling lazy- with spherical sound pads and slow tempi.


Elegant Elegant melodies and arrangements, mostly from the swing genre, with keyboard instruments and subtle bass lines.
Epic / Orchestral Grand, bombastic works, that are mainly orchestral arrangements.
Erotic / Sensual Hot ‘n spicy melodies for those romantic moments- with slow and sultry music titles.
Exciting / Dangerous Highly-charged music titles with pulsating bass or epic Hollywood drums. These tunes are perfect for films and musicals.


Futuristic Electronic music dominated by synths, drum machines and broad pad sounds.


Happy / Cheerful A positive energy radiates from these music titles- from festive hymns and happy rock songs to rousing pop tunes. All can be found here.


Monotonous This selection of songs contain drifting tunes that are pared down to their bare essentials: beat and bass.
Motivated / Optimistic In a good mood and ready for action all songs in this category, regardless of their genre, lead the listener to positive motivation.
Mysterious Dubious music titles that bring up feelings of mistrust... With sound pads, pounding bass and conspirative melodic fragments


Proud These music titles radiate with self-esteem and pride- with positive melodies and sound designs.


Romantic / In Love Expressive and heartfelt ballads from the pop and rock genres recorded with piano, strings and acoustic guitar.


Scary Gruesome, shiver-to-the-bone soundtracks with spherical pad sounds and frightening melodies.
Spirited Hot-blooded songs with fiery guitar tracks and impulsive drumming- mostly from the Latin American music genre.
Summery Happy-go-lucky tracks with cheerful melodies and thrilling percussive beats.


Traditional Traditional music with folk instrumentation, with most songs having a cheerful atmosphere.