Aggressive / Angry Like to break things and get load? If your videos or podcasts are sometimes angry and aggressive, you'll find the right background music in this section. The full force of bass, drums, and electric guitars will push your sound system to its limits and get everyone's pulse racing. With all gradations from tense to angry, desperate to crazy, high-energy to wild and uncontrolled. Let’s get loud!


Balanced When it's time to relax, the yoga mat's calling, or you're in the mood for a cozy get-together in the lounge, this tranquil instrumental music is perfect for creating or enhancing the scene. The music is the message: gentle, minimalist, avoiding anything that stresses, annoys, or distracts from the essentials, ensuring a balanced mood.
Bizarre / Special Are your videos, time lapses, and radio plays bizarre, monstrous, or inexplicable? Welcome to the realm of bizarre music! Whether you want primeval lizards or futuristic robots, our royalty-free music invites you to go on extended fantasy journeys and can be described with many adjectives, but not "normal," "ordinary," or even "pleasant." Push it to the extreme, get more out of your scenes, and underline your extraordinary recordings with bizarre music.
Bored / Lazy An ode to laziness? Why not? Because what some describe as laziness is what others call the time they're gestating their latest creative idea. The instrumental music relaxes and inspires and is particularly well suited for slow and intense storytelling. Music with lots of detail that seemingly effortlessly lends a unique character to any scene in your video or podcast.


Celestial Spherical sounds broaden your thinking and feeling and invite you to relax. You will achieve a very nice effect if you use it as a background music for time-lapse videos, unless you're showing the hustle and bustle of life in the big city, of course. This music is great for showing landscapes over the seasons or clouds at they pass by. This royalty-free music is also great for staging strong emotions, spiritual experiences, or dream content and memories harmoniously and expressively.
Clever / Smart For those who know what's what in business and in love. For those who go through life with a little wink in the eye, but aren't really immoral. For videos and movies where the lead characters are charismatic. Or where you tell us what holds the world together at its core. Clever, cunning, but still lovable, this royalty-free music is perfect for your recordings.
Cold / Winter Whether it's ice in the Arctic breaking or letting us hear the sounds of the planets, our royalty-free songs in the cold / wintry category create the same eerie mood. Minimalism that makes you sit up and listen, captivating sounds that capture both the deadly numbness, but also the splendor and hope of winter sunlight are the major musical themes in this category.
Cool / Easy-going Parking your Porsche outside the dollar store, popping on your new pair of shades to flirt, or smirking when others get upset: cool and casual doesn't always have to mean to be cold and arrogant. Our background music gives you the opportunity to convey cool image films, casual product presentations, or fascinating advertising messages in a surprising and convincing way that will touch the heart and echo in the ears.


Dark At the edge of catastrophe as the uncanny evil slowly makes its presence known. We can sense it, but can't quite locate it until it's right there in front of us. Was that a scream? Sinister music that causes goosebumps: that's the kind of instrumental music you'll find for your video in this section. The build-up of tension and threat is just as suitable, however, for documentaries as it is for thrillers and horror movies.
Dreamy Lying in the grass and watching the clouds, reminiscing, or waiting for the great love: if you are looking for royalty-free music for your videos to express a dreamy, contemplative mood, you're in the right place. Somethings smooth jazzy, sometimes meditative and repetitive, these melodious music tracks add a very special magic to your scenes or help create graceful soundscapes.
Drifty / Progressive Let it rip and nothing will change as fast because the royalty-free music in this category will leave neither you nor your protagonists out of breath. On the contrary, the pumping beats and rapid tempos will keep you moving. For marathons or motor racing, but also for building up a sweat in spin class, this refreshing music is ideal.


Elegant Royalty-free music in this category conveys sophistication and success in combination with a good dose of emotions. The songs usually revolve around a motif that is well suited for acoustic branding. Gentle increases in the repetition of the motif create a euphoric mood. This creates an elegant and pleasantly sublime soundscape for the theme that you want to present.
Epic / Orchestral Tragic destinies, heroic exploits, epic narratives that thrill: this category includes royalty-free music perfect for a big blockbuster or smaller indie film. When a storm is brewing, victory is near, or a fateful twist is coming, orchestral music helps build suspense in your film and video production.
Erotic / Sensual Flattering, enticing, seductively close, and then withdrawing again: erotic music beguiles by suggesting many things, but always remaining a bit mysterious. This category offers the perfect background music for your music videos and podcasts. Whether you're depicting intimacy or simply relaxing together on a couch, whether you want to portray the beauty of a landscape or its people, this music is sensual from the first sound to the last fading echo.
Exciting / Dangerous A crackling mood or the awareness that the next moment will force a big decision: this instrumental music adds suspense to your video productions. The gradual progression of sound sequences lets your audience move cautiously with your character who's always in danger of falling or being discovered. Dramatic preludes and catchy rhythms signal evil lurking around the corner. From sounding the alarm to an invasion of zombies: choose what suits your personal project best!


Futuristic Short beeps from other planets and the broad sounds from distant galaxies characterize the royalty-free music in this category. The titles predominantly convey a positive mood, inviting the listener to approach electronics and digitalization, computers, and robots without fear. But there are dark, sinister pieces in the catalog, too. For nerds and trendsetters, news and statements, but also for companies who want to create a modern brand sound for themselves.


Happy / Cheerful Funny outtakes, situation comedy, and a happy team with the right attitude are just some of the associations that arise spontaneously when hearing the royalty-free music in this section. Perfect for glamorous fashion, innovative start-ups, explanatory films with extensive graphics, or image films related to wellness and fitness. Many of the titles also set a cheerful resolution that can be used to add a final flourish to your story.
Hopeful / Longing Take a deep breath and trust. The royalty-free music in this section tells stories of people who know that things aren't necessarily always good, but also hope that everything will eventually get better. Melodies that get under your skin, guitar riffs that spur action, spherical sounds that suggest a decisive turnaround will soon be made: here you will find a wealth of material to represent the hopes and desires in your projects musically.


Melancholic / Lonely As hard as it can sometimes be, creative minds know melancholy all too well and wouldn't want to without it. It finds its echo in calm melodies and touching minor harmonies. The melancholic background music in this category can always be used particularly well if you want to portray sadness or loneliness, but also the overcoming of pain.
Monotonous Powerful beats and driving basslines are the characteristic features of this instrumental music that deliberately focuses on monotony. The consistent repetition gets under your skin and can put your listeners into a trance or create a sense of ecstasy. If the sounds cross over into the spherical, they work well for representing flying into outer space, the medicine of tomorrow, or artificial intelligence. Instrumental music that helps you to present your stories, fact or fiction, in a scenic and atmospheric way.
Motivated / Optimistic Musical support for anyone whose glass is still half full on a bad day can be found in this selection of royalty-free music. Whether you want to encourage and spur on your productions, whether you're planning an image, corporate, or explanatory video, or just looking for music for sunny minds, these upbeat rhythms, inspirational ballads, and sophisticated pop invite you to get on with, address it head on, and celebrate.
Mysterious What's hiding behind this door? In the blue fog? In the expressionless look of the stranger? The mysterious mood that underlines this background music results from the clever change of harmonies and dissonances, from spherical expanse and concrete allusion to an irritating moment. Use it to add a skillful touch of magic, suspense, and mystery to all your video and radio play productions.


Proud Proud in the sense of satisfaction is the key motif of the royalty-free music in this section. This satisfaction is not too wooden, but is instead reflected in slightly melancholic to serene melodies good for accompanying a look back or a preview in your productions. For business films, for example, when emphasizing special values and visions. Or for strong protagonists, whose character you also want to illustrate musically.


Romantic / In Love Being loved makes it easier to love back. The royalty-free music in this category is dedicated to all phases of being in love and being loved. The titles pick up moments of longing as well as moments of fulfillment. The pain of saying farewell, unrequited love, or sublime renunciation can be accompanied musically with these soulful ballads and film scores. Express the full range of emotions in your videos and podcasts, even without many words.


Scary It all started so harmlessly, but is slowly turning into a nightmare in which dark forces and demons know how to play the keyboard to stoke your fears perfectly. Instrumental music that makes you feel fear and panic can be found in this section. From scary to cryptic, from heart-grabbing to disturbing. For shudderingly beautiful or ghastly creepy videos in which the worst premonitions come true.
Spirited These hot-blooded rhythms almost beyond the realm of background music. They're thrilling, inspiring, and intoxicating music that expresses passion and enthusiasm in your projects. For example, a highly emotional tango can add a dramatic twist, while jazz and pop arrangements can add a more light-hearted note that can also be perfectly integrated into videos and podcasts.
Summery Summery background music reminds us of sun and vacation, generates positive moods, and a zest for life. Music that goes to your heart, reminding you of days where you don't have a care in the world. And for productions that convey just that sense of lightness, like vacation and party videos, but also as a driving force for the workout or in the gym.


Traditional That traditions are not always stale or buttoned up is proven by our traditional instrumental music. The individual pieces related to different festivals, regions, or age groups. This makes it easy for you to find music that fits a Bavarian folk festival, for example, or a Western production, or a product from Ireland. Children's birthday or carnival, folk festivals and ethnic celebrations: here you will find plenty of choice for your videos.