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Yes, all songs on audiohub are free of any Performance Rights Organizations (e.g., AKM, APRA, ASCAP, BMI, GEMA, IMRO, KODA, MCPS-PRS, SABAM, SACEM, SESAC, SGAE, SIAE, SOCAN, SUISA, TONO, ZAIKS).

A copyright notice is not required for a Standard or Extended audiohub license. To avoid any queries, we recommend including the footnote
Royalty-Free Music from https://audiohub.com

To use a song in an intro and outro (e.g., in videos or podcasts), purchase one Standard License. Then the intro/outro can be used in any number of episodes. This video explains everything about the use of music in intros and outros:
Explainer video

Example of an intro:
Hello and welcome to our show, "In the Eye of the Wild." Today's episode is about elephants. Have fun!

Example of an outro:
We hope you enjoyed "In the Eye of the Wild." See you next time!

Intro and outro are considered as one file and can be published anywhere (e.g., in other episodes).

No, we do not offer subscriptions or flat rates. Prices are one-time without follow-on costs.

Unfortunately, no. We compose, mix and master all our songs in-house, which allows us to preserve our exclusive rights to our songs.

Royalty-free can also apply to works of a composer who is a member of a collecting society (e.g., ASCAP, GEMA, SUISA). Royalty-free means that the publishing rights (i.e., synchronization, adaptation, and (film) production rights), and especially ancillary copyrights to finished productions, have been clarified. However, if these works are registered with a collecting society, PRO royalties must also be paid.

Since all audiohub songs are both royalty-free and non-P.R.O., there are no follow-on costs.

Yes. You can publish client videos on your website without purchasing an additional license.

No. The music may not be used for music projects (e.g. singing, rapping, remixes, compilations, etc.).
We only offer production music (e.g. for use in videos and podcasts).

Uploading projects to fingerprinting databases not allowed

It is not allowed to upload your project to fingerprinting-databases like "Content ID" or "Facebook Rights Manager" (e.g., via digital distributors like AdRev, Believe, Feiyr, iMusician, Distrokid, TuneCore, Audiam, CD Baby, Indiefy, Haawk, Identifyy, etc.). Uploading projects that use music from music libraries into a fingerprinting-database can lead to false copyright claims. This causes problems for other users or for future projects.

Use only in a valid project

A song can only be used in a creative media project (e.g., in a video). The use of music without a project is not permitted. Please click here for an overview of valid project types.

It is explicitly not allowed to use a song in any music productions (e.g. by adding vocals or rap or as a remix, compilation, etc.).

Examples of inappropriate usage of audiohub music
• You are a singer/rapper and want to sing/rap a text to an audiohub song and publish it.
• You want to create a CD and publish audiohub songs on it without a project.
• You operate a radio station or music streaming service and want to broadcast audiohub music.
• You have written video editing software and want to sell audiohub music with the software.

Project and publication

A list of valid project types can be found here.

You can publish and/or sell your project (e.g., a video) anywhere. You can find examples here.

No. A project can only consist of one file at a time (e.g., one MP4 video file). Exceptions are adaptations (e.g., language versions, a short version, converted file formats).

Standard License

No, a standard license is required for each project.

For example, to use one song in one video you need one Standard license.
If you use that same song in five videos, you need five Standard licenses.

To use a song in more than two projects, we recommend the Extended license.

A song may be used multiple times (e.g., as a loop) within a project.

Multiple language versions:
If your project will be released in different language versions (e.g., with different subtitles or native speakers), you do not need another license.

You can create short and edited versions of your video without another license so long as no new footage is added. If new images or sound material is added (e.g., a new logo), another license must be purchased.

No, it is not possible to upgrade a purchased Standard license. If in doubt, purchase the Extended license, which entitles you to use the music in more than two projects.

No. So long as the project content does not change, you can export it into any number of technical formats.

For example, you can export your video to 16:9, 1:1, and 4:3 formats.
You can export your podcast episode to WAV, MP3, and AIFF formats.

Extended License

Yes. With an Extended license you can use a song in any number of licensee projects.

If you are ordering in connection with your work for another customer, that entity should be indicated as the licensee so that the song can be used in all projects published by the licensee. You may use the song exclusively for projects of this single customer/licensee. You must purchase individual licenses for each customer for the same song.
We do not offer a license that covers use in any number of projects for any number of clients.

Customer account & order process

By purchasing our Credit Packs, you benefit from greater flexibility and significant cost savings compared to buying individual song licenses. You receive a predetermined number of credits, which you can use to purchase song licenses: The Standard License costs 1 credit, the Extended License 2 credits. Unused credits expire two years after the purchase date.

The licensee is always the end customer.

Example 1:
You use a song in your own video.
In that case you have to register as a licensee.

Example 2:
Your customer commissions you to produce a video.
In that case you have to register your customer as a licensee.

Yes. Enable this feature in your customer area. You will be able to enter notes that will appear on the invoice (in the last checkout step).

Yes. In the last order step there is the option to enter the licensee's address. In this case, your address will be set as the billing address and the customer's address will be set as the licensee address.

Note: Your customer will not be informed of the purchase. Customer information only appears on the license document, which is available for download. In addition, no prices are listed on this document..

In the customer area under profile you will find a red button at the bottom of the page that says "Delete account irrevocably". Before clicking this button, you have to confirm that you really want to irrevocably delete your account. After deletion you will no longer have access to your orders, files and license documents. These can no longer be requested in the future. Please back up all documents and songs before deleting. Your purchased licenses will of course remain valid even after your account has been deleted.


You can make the following edits:

- Cut
- Rearrange
- Transpose
- Timestretch
- Hide/show
- Loop
- EQ
- Echo effects
- Mastering
- Pitching

If a song is edited, the copyright remains with the rights holder; editors may not distribute the work under their names.

1) Log in at https://audiohub.com/login
2) Go to https://audiohub.com/my-account/licenses
3) Click on the button WAV or MP3 to start the download.

All songs and song versions are available at least in the uncompressed WAV format, 16 bit, 44 kHz (CD quality) and as MP3 (192 kbps).
The test songs with watermarks are available in the highly compressed MP3 format, 128 kbps.

Our free offerings include additional versions for many songs. The most popular song versions include:

No Drums

Drums and percussion tracks have been removed.

No Melody

The melody track has been removed.

No Drums, No Melody

The drums, percussion, and melody tracks have been removed.

There are also other versions such as ambient mixes and tempo or arrangement variations.
All song versions are automatically included when you buy the normal version.

No. All versions of a song are included.

No, only test versions are watermarked.


In this video, we'll show you how to find the right music for your project and how to make your first order.

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Occasionally there are problems syncing the WAV format in iTunes. In this case, download the MP3 version in your customer area (preferably via a Mac computer or PC). To sync your music to your iPad or iPhone, we recommend iTunes or AnyTrans software. After installation, you can connect the iPhone to the computer via cable and easily sync the music. (Incidentally, this is an issue with all types of music files, not just files downloaded from audiohub.)

Since Apple is restrictive regarding its audio file management, it is not possible to transfer audio files to a mobile device without a computer or iTunes.

We value security and use secure SSL certificates with enterprise validation. Our servers are located in Germany. We do not have access to sensitive PayPal or credit card details; these remain with the payment provider and your bank.

audiohub will never disclose, share, or sell your information to any third party. As well, audiohub will only send our newsletter and other information to customers who opt-in. You may delete your account at any time; it will be irrevocably removed and not archived anywhere. Please direct any questions to info@audiohub.com.