African Cheerful and strongly rhythm-shaped music, often with steel pans and wide pad sounds to reflect the African joie de vivre.
Ambient Relax, but not as a couch potato, with ambient chill-out music, treat yourself or your target group to a calming and stimulating fantasy journey. This royalty-free music is ideal as background music for your film project, for slide shows, or as musical accompaniment to deep emotions and meditations. Whether you let someone take a journey into space or whether you are showing the spring awakening of nature as a time-lapse: listen, select, design!
Atmospheres Expansive, spherical pad sounds, which convey different ambient moods, from warm, comforting sounds to galactic cosmic sounds.
Audio Logos / Jingles Short and catchy, our short tracks will grab your attention. When matched to the character of your message, they get your viewers attuned to it: cheerful or playful, alarming or soothing. Some give clear auditory signals, others provide a slight echo that gives everyone a moment to breathe. Skillfully place your message in the silence that follows. Royalty-free music that gives you all the freedom to be creative.


Ballads This is the start to storytelling at its finest, because each of our ballads is apt to tell a gripping story. Dreams and hopes, the longing to be free, or to finally reconnect; the happiness to find what you have long been looking for, or the sadness in having lost it: our ballads touch everyone. Sometimes minimalist, sometimes extensively arranged, they can be used as background music as well as to amplify emotions.
Big Band A potpourri of songs with trumpets, saxophones, and other wind instruments at the fore as well as fast-paced drum rhythms and driving bass runs.
Blues Modern and old-school blues music with guitar, piano, and acoustic bass inserts. Mostly with the typical blues rhythms.


Chill Out / Easy Listening This section offers pleasantly slow music for easy listening. Simply and effectively arranged, the comforting background music gives you all the time and balance you need to stage your actors or motifs. Melodies and rhythms invite you to linger and chill out and open your senses for gentle enjoyment.
Christmas Typical-sounding Christmas titles with bells and jingles, but also traditional Christmas songs like "Silent Night" and "White Christmas."
Christmas carols - Funk The most famous Christmas carols in a groovy and funky version that encourages you to dance
Christmas Carols - Lounge The most popular Christmas carols in a relaxed, chilled-out version.
Christmas carols - Orchestral The most beautiful Christmas carols classically arranged in orchestral versions
Christmas carols - Rock The most popular Christmas carols rearranged in powerful rock versions.
Classic Dance Pop dance tracks with stimulating drumbeats and striking synthesizer motifs as well as catchy hooklines.
Classic Jazz Classical jazz music with a lot of improvisation and feeling. In the foreground are organic instruments such as piano and acoustic bass.
Classic Pop Radio-friendly, commercial pop music with mid-tempo beats and various instruments such as synths, piano, guitars, etc.
Classic Rock Mid-tempo rock songs with rugged guitar riffs and loud drum kits. Many songs with string accompaniment or piano motifs.
Country When the moment of truth arrives, it's mostly country music that we hear. Honest, warm-hearted, skillfully tugging at the heartstrings, country music highlights the prevailing mood, makes people dance, love, and laugh, or underlines the seriousness of the situation. Fiddle, banjo, and guitar invite you to listen and be inspired by this non-violent music and tell stories of love and loss.


EDM Away from the mainstream to the pure adrenaline rush: instrumental music from the dubstep / drum and bass category will take your audience on a musical roller coaster ride. Action-packed and suspense-packed images are experienced more intensively, and even in podcasts or radio plays, the thrilling sense of adventure can be significantly increased. This music is ideally suited for crazy types, futuristic motifs, and all scenes in which the anti-hero is hatching an evil plot.
Electronic If everything goes as you imagine it, our royalty-free music in the Electronic category mostly fits. With your pictures and videos that offer surprising insights or invite you to new perspectives. Rhythms and melodies create both distance and fascination for viewers. Electronic is therefore excellently suited to present supposedly familiar things from a new perspective, for example, drone videos.


Folk Smores around the campfire, cycling through the cherry blossoms, or gazing into the distance from the highest mountain: folk creates an authentic atmosphere as background music. Folk music grounds your videos and podcasts in everyday life and experience. Travel videos, documentaries, or reports can be enriched by folk music usually played on acoustic instruments that locals or the traveler have readily on hand.
Funk Bright and serene like a summer flirt by the sea, smooth as silk, and groovy to the point of waving: if you want to add a good vibe to your video presentation or image/business film, if your heroes or your products invite you to dance your way through life, the instrumental music in the funk/soul category is just right.


German Traditional German folk music with classical rhythms, powerful brass sections, delicate plucked instruments, and happy, but also yearning melodies.


Heavy Metal Broad, powerful, distorted guitars meet some brutal drum kits, with everything from low tempo to up-tempo.
Hip Hop Cool beats with analog and digital instruments like guitars, synthesizers or pianos, always accompanied by deep, pumping basses.
House These house tracks are characterized by driving beats and punchy basses, plus both analog and digital sounds from guitars and synthesizers.


Industrial Dark, engineered sounds reminiscent of industry and production with loud percussive elements and gloomy pad parts.


Jazz A gentle shudder, a tingling experience, or the iconic conclusion to a clever story: our royalty-free jazz music tells stories about unique characters. Often set in a smoky bar, but not necessarily. If the crook sneaks around the corner like a fox, forcing the detective to ask the final question, or the best of friends are going on a cruise together again, jazz music from Dixie to Swing is also a great companion.


Kids Jumping cadenzas and a merry ringing of well-known melodies: the children's section provides whimsical background music for all videos relating to kids and their lives. For toddlers or tweens already into rock or even desperate parents who just wanted to sneak out of the room... discover the child inside and let your imagination run wild!


Latin Spirited, high energy from the first note to the last: if you want to ignite the passion and enthusiasm of your target audience with instrumental music, Latin should be the first choice. With an Argentine tango you lead them passionately through your recordings, salsa evokes the memory of sunny days and danced nights or can accompany your journey through distant lands. Sensual, fiery, and always with a mysterious flair, your protagonists will dance their way through life with a smile on their faces.


Middle Eastern The sounds of the Middle East with its rhythmic peculiarities and multi-faceted melodies of a thousand and one nights.
Movie Soundtrack Great feelings, small gestures, liberating moments: our royalty-free music in the film music category is perfect for makers of epic films and all those who value excellent sound quality. The musical motifs are reminiscent of great legends and success stories, get the attention of your audience, and give the actors the opportunity to work with all their skills for your mutual success.


Pop Corporate design or branding in a musical way: pop music fits with image films as well as with explanatory films and visual/graphic recordings. Bring your message to the point, make the complex seem simple, and underline your videos with royalty-free music that garners emotions investment. Each title is dedicated to a mood, a feeling, but arranged so that it does not distract from what you're presenting.


Reggae / Dance Hall Rhythms the ear picks up and a big-up for your videos which are perfectly accompanied with our reggae and dance hall music. Friendly, cheerful, or playful, the melodies and rhythms invite you to enjoy life, if not today, then perhaps tomorrow. Don't worry, be happy, but always in the middle of the action: that's reggae, as we know and love it. Available as royalty-free music here for your productions.
Retro Rock Surfer songs with pure drum sounds, dry bass runs, and vibrating, distorted tremolo guitars.
Rock Open convertibles or the roar of a Harley: rock is the music of the street, gets down to business, makes things straight. As background music, rock is always popular when showing a rapid change of scenery and landscapes. But each coin has two sides, which is why you'll find soft rock and rock ballads here, too. After all, the easy rider has to lean on someone sometimes, too.


Swing Care-free, happy music with smart melodies and sympathetic sound; mostly piano, marimba, guitars and acoustic bass.
Synthwave These songs are reminiscent of the early days of synthesizers and bring back the digital sound of the 80s with distinctive melodies.


World Music Sirtaki on the beach, a wistful view over the Bosphorus, or a mysterious path that leads through the jungle: if you are looking for royalty-free music for your videos that addresses mysticism, myth, or multiculturalism, the world music section is the place to go. Open in spirit, collective in action, this is music for world travelers who appreciate a bouzouki as well as a marimba or darbuka.