Acid The coolest in techno-electronic music with pedal-to-the-metal uptempo beats and plodding synthesizer sounds.
Ambient / Chill Out Low and midtempo tracks with smooth, gentle sounds that create soft textures and floating ambiance. Subtle drums and percussion are also present.
Ambient Industrial Thoughtful, slow songs within wintery landscapes. Hard, percussive elements evoke associations with industry and production.
Audio Logos / Jingles Jingles & Audio-Logos


Ballads Lyrical romantic songs with piano as the main instrument of choice, accompanied by light bass and gentle strings.
Big Band A cool mix of songs with trumpets, saxophones and other wind instruments, with quick drum rhythms and driving bass riffs.
Blues Modern and old school blues music with guitar, piano and acoustic bass inlays. Most tracks fall under a typical blues scheme.
Blues / Rock´n´Roll In addition to the many rock´n roll and jive tracks included in this category, you will also find a number of slower blues tunes.
Bossanova The warm rhythms and sounds of Latin American go together hand in hand within these songs - with acoustic guitars and basses, piano and percussion.
Brazilian Dance Brazilian carnivals and parade music meet animated rhythms, sizzling guitars and trumpet inlays.
Breakbeat Modern and urban pop tracks with highly-present drumbeats and powerful bass. A musical texture of powerful synthesizers and various analogue instruments come along for the ride.


Christmas Typical-sounding Christmas songs with church bells and sleighbells, but also traditional Christmas tunes like 'Hark the Herald Angels' and 'Silent Night'.
Classic Dance Dance Tracks
Classic House Fast moving up-tempo tracks with distinctive beats and dry basslines. Synthesized motifs accompany them but a selection of organic sounds is also included.
Classic Industrial Classic instustrial sounds with heavy, slow-paced and tough rhythmic characteristics.
Classic Jazz Classic jazz with lots of improvisational feeling. Organic instruments such as piano and acoustic bass stand in the foreground of these tracks.
Classic Pop Songs that are suitable for the commercial pop radio airwaves with midtempo beats and various instrumentation like synth, piano and guitar.
Classic Rock Medium tempo rock songs with classic guitar riffs and in-your-face drumkit sounds. Lots of songs include strings and piano.
Clubbing Powerful up-tempo dance beats with distinctive synthesizer hooklines and bass beats – the typical club music.
Country Classic steel string guitars and violins emboss these sound designs. The spectrum of moods in these pieces range from quick and lively to slow and romantic.
Crossover Various rock songs with a mix of styles ranging from pop, rock, industrial, gothic and much more. These songs go relatively heavy on the guitars and have a darker and negative atmosphere to them.


Dance / Techno Poppy, light dance music with up tempo beats. Various styles like Eurodance or classic dance are included in this collection. The house tracks are ripe with blasting beats and full-on bass.
Dark Wave Gloomy synthesizer-heavy tracks with touches of hard drum loops and percussion. Spherical pad sounds and murmuring, pulsating bass also play their part here too.
Deep House These tracks combine pulsating house music with low sub-bass and monotone synthesizer motifs.
Disco Classic music from the 1970s disco era with funk guitar, groovy beats and melodious string accompaniment.
Dixieland A subgenre of jazz with whirling uptempo drum rhythms and multiple instrumental overlays of brass, piano and acoustic bass.
Dub Low and muffled sounds stand in the foreground of these songs, while distinct beats and occasional smooth synthesizer melodies accompany in the background.
Dubstep / D'n'B Tough and racing beats with razor-sharp hihats and punchy synthesizer motifs.


Easy Listening / Lounge Tranquil music with gentle, sustained e-piano, background drumloops, bass and heavenly accompaniment.
Electro Old School These songs remind the listener of the early days of synthesized music, and bring the 1980s digital sound back in full bloom – with catchy melodies.
Electronic Electronic music in various styles from club, dance to pop. The synthesizers’ sounds range from those used in the 1980s to the ones of today.


Folk Traditional Folk Music, chiefly played by analogue instruments like acoustic guitar and bass, percussion, flute and accordion.
Funk / Soul These tracks showcase energetic funk and gentle soul music with lots of e-piano in the foreground and an accompaniment of groovy beats and smooth guitar.
Funky House Happy house tracks with groovy beats and funky e-guitar accompaniment. Strong brass, smooth e-piano and percussion are added to the mix.
Fusion Jazz Jazz music that goes beyond convention with a range of analogue and digital instruments that combine with wild, chaotic but also slow and discreet beats.


Garage Intense uptempo dance beats hit heads with powerful synthesizers. Experience a pulsating rhythm and a cool sound design.
Goa Electronic songs with super pulsating uptempo dance beats laid over broad synthesizer soundscapes with deep bass and fragmented monotone trance melodies.
Gothic Dark, unusual and mystical music meets tough guitar riffs and hollow sounds which brings to mind witches and horror films.
Grunge Dull, monotonous guitar tunes that include rehearsal room style acoustics that alternate between quiet and loud.


Heavy Metal Rich, emotional and distorted guitar combine at times with hardcore drumkits. Slow, fast… It’s all here.
Hip Hop Catchy beats with analogue and digital instruments such as guitar, synth or piano, continuously accompanied by deep, pumping bass.
House These house tracks are ripe with blasting beats and full-on bass. You can also have a choice between analogue or digital sounds via guitar or synths.


Indie Rock Fast and headstrong guitar music with good and ready drum beats. Lead guitars are in the foreground.
Industrial These tunes have a darker techno sound to them which calls up images of industry and factories, with intense percussive elements and some darker soundscapes.


Jazz Various jazz such as classic jazz, latin jazz, jazz fusion or Dixieland. Lots of improvisation and lots of passion.


Kids Songs by and for kids with lots of cheerful melodies and fun rhythms. Music for both playtime and falling asleep are included in this list.


Latin The whole spectrum of hot and heavy Latin music can be found here. Anything from bossa nova and rumba to salsa and tango.
Latin Jazz Smooth jazz meets spicy Latin flavors in these great tracks…with scintillating acoustic guitar, bass, chilled out e-piano and percussion.
Latin Pop Pop with a touch of Latin American flair, with acoustic guitar, percussion and punchy brass melodies in the foreground.


Minimal Only the bare essentials are in these minimalistic songs characterized by unpretentious, electronic sounds and basic digital drumloops.
Movie Soundtrack Various music titles for various genres of film from revolutionary blockbuster scores and sentimental film ballads all the way to gruesome horror movie clips.


New Wave Electronic-heavy music joins with old school synths and drum machines hailing from the 1980s, especially in the uptempo and midtempo tracks.


Oriental 1001 Nights… The sounds of the Middle East with their rhythmical peculiarities and multifaceted melodies can all be found here.


Polka / Christmas Various music titles that awaken feelings of being in Germany, Austria or Switzerland- from Polka to "Silent Night".
Pop Countless styles of classic pop songs are yours to discover here! Have your choice between acoustic instruments like guitar, piano and strings or digital instruments like synths and drumloops.
Psychedelic Spiritual and inspiring sound spectacles with unearthly and unique sound designs.


R’n’B Expressive and energetic black music tracks with lots of e-piano, gorgeous acoustic guitar lines and organic, stable bass beats.
Reggae / Dancehall Get the summery Jamaica feeling going with these reggae tracks with typical emphasis on the 2nd beat, mellow guitars, piano and brass melodies.
Rock Songs of various rock styles from soft and gentle rock ballads to old-style classic rock songs and hard-core heavy metal.
Rock´n´Roll Swift and uptempo songs that get any dance or party going. These uplifting melodies have piano, upright bass and percussion in most of the mixes.
Rumba These delicious Latin tunes mirror the heat and rhythmical vitality of Cuba, with temperamental guitars and spicy percussive beats.


Salsa Latin American drums and percussive rhythms with bold brass motifs and temperamental acoustic guitar.
Soft Rock Rock ballads with emphasis on the guitars with highly expressive melodies accompanied by strings, piano and e-pianos.
Soul Rhythm-heavy and expressive soul music with vintage e-piano, acoustic guitar, organ and piano that also has a warm, bassy feeling.
Soundscapes Broad and thickly-painted pad sounds which will transport you to various moods and environments, from warm and pleasant to outer space and the universe.
Swing Happy music to chill to with snazzy melodies and inviting sound imagery with piano, marimba, guitar and accoustic bass.
Swing / Big Band Cheerful Swing Music for your videos.


Tango Tempermental tango songs with melodies full of longing that pull on the heartstrings. Played on strings, guitar and old-style pianos.
Techno, Trance & More Various styles of electronic music join forces in these songs, from techno and trance to the minimal and Goa.


World Music Traditional world music titles, the current focus being African, Greek and oriental songs.