Action / Sports Motivational background music relating to action and sport underscores spectacular stunts, sensational jumps, risky attempts at setting records by adding melodic and rhythmic fireworks to highlight the uniqueness of the moment. With hard beats and breakneck riffs that make the viewer understand what's going on. Or with sublime orchestral sounds, which address the emotional moment when a medal or award is presented or when someone finally meets a goal they have set for themselves.
Art Soundtracks that create inner images or help the listener to understand art better can be found in this section. For videos in which you show how you work, for artist portraits, or to introduce different art styles. Delicate sounds, groovy rhythms, sound worlds that you can experiment with: the royalty-free music here is as individual and charismatic as a very special work of art.


Bars / Pubs / Saloons A last drink at the bar and instrumental music reminiscent of the good old days: in this section we provide you with music that pairs well with scenes set in bars, pubs, and saloons. Banjos and fiddles help your cowboy ride off into the sunset, while the entertainers in the bar meet over gin and ragtime, while the lonely investigator sits at the hotel bar listening to a restrained blues. It's your choice.


Celebration Celebrations: add momentum to your advertising spots, videos, and slideshows with this life-affirming royalty-free music. Funk or reggae, carnival or open-air stage, here you'll find the perfect musical accompaniment for happy messages and extroverted protagonists. What connects people is the music that adds a charismatic sound to your projects. And we also thought of quieter moments or the after-show party: take a listen and choose the sound that suits your needs.
Children / Babies Running, laughing, learning: children don't have to do anything special to be the center of attention. Highlight their cheerful character, their first attempts at standing up or walking with the royalty-free music from this section. Do you shoot films for children or about products designed for children and babies? Then you'll find popular children's songs and cheerful tracks to enrich your commercials, movies, or other projects with age-appropriate music.
Christmas Christmas can be so groovy! Capturing the magic, making the sleigh bells ring, or having a merry chat with Santa Claus, then handing over a gift to the Old St. Nick himself: all this and many other unusual moments can be wonderfully accompanied with our royalty-free Christmas music . For business films or product presentations with a Christmas flair, recommended for slide shows, podcasts, and documentaries!
Comedy / Cartoons The curtain opens, the orchestra begins to play, and the sad clown makes the audience laugh. Our royalty-free music around the theme of comedy can add delicately funny, but also absurd and contradictory sounds. With bouncing, clumsy chords or echoes of the great era of silent film; for clowns, goofballs, or stand-up comedians: the arrangements from the cheerful to the melancholic add musical panache to your comedy.
Corporate / Business Join in! This is the basic message of this instrumental music which can lend a positive image to your image films and business videos. Depending on the industry, high-energy rhythms and bass lines or quiet, melodious tracks might work best. Use inspiring, upbeat tracks to emphasize that your team is youthful and motivated. Use a piano solo that gradually becomes more intense and is joined with other instruments to suggest growth and success.
Crime / Thriller This background music is fast, suspenseful, and clever and therefore ideally suited to accompany your protagonists in thrillers or crime stories. Ice cold and startling, these rhythms build up to the crime until a smart bass line helps the spy or the detective. Finally, there is still eye contact and a martini, shaken not stirred, enjoyed to the beat of hot Latin rhythms. Whether told with a wink in the eye or deadly serious, here you will find the music for your suspenseful stories.


Disco / Clubs Excessive energy, power, wild dancing: if your project is targeted to people who really like to let loose, this royalty-free music is perfect for this. The driving rhythms, winds and synth sounds of dance, house, and techno music add lots of speed and encourage listeners to plunge right in. Ideal royalty-free music for fast-paced videos and movies.


Explanatory Film If you want to present a complex situation in an understandable and appealing way, the music should not distract too much. We have the perfect instrumental music to match the pace and mood of your explanatory films. Rich and cheerful for your animated films, clever and smart when it comes to tutorials, or peppy and harmonious if you want to present complex processes or new product lines in a simple way.


Fight / Battle Machine guns, chaos, panic, and no escape from the pounding rhythms: no one can escape what happens in war or during a single battle with the use of the grim, aggressive instrumental music in this category. Here you will find meaningful and absorbing music for military battles with full equipment, but also for the horrors experienced by the civilian population or during silent ambushes.
Fitness / Workout Gone are the days when squats and push-ups were painstakingly counted off. Fitness and workouts nowadays are fixed forms of a lifestyle where music determines the rhythm. Whirling, motivating instrumental music, which makes you want to move and helps you forget how hard you're working. For your next fitness-themed video project or for a workout session that will excite the masses.
Friends / Family / Youth Friends, family, people that matter: when your videos and podcasts show boisterous and happy people who love spending time together, we have the right background music that adds further sparkle to the proceedings. Get your audience on board with cheerful and imaginative sounds, let them participate emotionally, and draw them into the youthful spirit of your productions with rhythmically emphasized melodies.


Halloween / Horror The great masters of horror and mystery infer dangers and the sinister rather than let them strike unchecked. In order to build up tension that might have your viewers trying to avert their eyes, use the dark, mysterious sounds and otherworldly shrieks in this royalty-free music. But, be careful, listening to it can cause goosebumps and make your imagination run wild!


Industry / Production When the machines are switched on, the halls begin to pulsate. And while the stock market ticker keeps yelling buy or sell, the robot challenges the space satellites to dance in their own choppy rhythm. Exciting, dark, or encouraging background music for out-of-this-world industrial and production films, documentaries or science fiction can be found in this section of royalty-free music for your videos.
Intros / Jingles / Opener Everyone knows then intro and outro music for various news shows. It's long been tradition to clearly announce the start and end of a news show, to demarcate the line between fact and fiction. Intros and outros, available to you here as royalty-free music, are designed to get the attention of your audience. As harmonic jingles, these short phrases are also suitable for combining an auditory impression with a brand or a product.


Lifestyle / Fashion / Vlogs The jogging pants can stay in the closet today, because this background music adds the style to your lifestyle. Even the catwalk seems to swing as the model strides to cool beats and the crowd rises in applause. Transfer this great feeling to your lifestyle videos, fashion shows, etc. Present your creations and rock the world with the right music!
Love / Romance / Longing Follow your gut feeling and get hit right in the heart, who doesn't want that? The royalty-free music in this section is made for love, romance, and longing which follows no plan and gently extends its hands to you. Thrilling ballads, euphoric melodies, and tender sounds help to make the emotions in your videos tangible with all your senses.


Meditation / Spirituality / Hypnosis "The power lies in the quiet," but the awakening, blossoming, and immersion lie in the music. For business films related to meditation, wellness, or hypnosis, this slow-flowing instrumental music that allows for moments of self-reflection and becoming one with the cosmic, spiritual. Show how to let go or teach us the way of the lotus flower.
Movie / Soundtrack Epic, action, or comedy: image and sound create a perfect symbiosis in film music. If your viewers don't notice what's happening around them, then you've done everything right. Thrilling, enthralling, and royalty-free soundtracks for your videos can be found in this section. Highlight great emotions and drama, add tender violin sounds to your love scene, or support your hero with an action-packed drum roll.


Nature / Landscapes Cold or warm, welcoming or ominous, mountainous or flat: in the end nature draws us back to the simplest principles. But the road to it can take us through exciting and adventurous discoveries that you present in your videos. The royalty-free music in this category offers cool or brisk rhythms, smooth or dark melodies, exciting or casual harmonies to fit your presentation.


Sorrow / Pain What could have been... our royalty-free music addresses wishes for a different outcome or the longing to make a decision to undo a loss. The inner struggle that alternates between loud and soft, the small reminder that overpowers us, the echoing film music: here you can add soulful music to your ideas and watch a silent tear drop from the corner of the viewer's eye.
Success "We can do it!" Tackling problems together, being unstoppable, overcoming difficulties: differentiate aspects of success and anticipate the euphoria in this background music for your videos or podcasts. Sometimes cool, sometimes with positive vibrations, or even a driving beat that makes it clear that no one will keep your protagonists or company from the finish line.


Technology / Science If your goal is to make technology and science look as exciting as it really is, you should definitely listen to our thematically fitting instrumental music. What is captivating about a repetitive rhythm and how can you increase the heart rate with minimalistic sound effects? Royalty-free music from this section helps you to show how you experience it from the inside out and with maximum participation.
Traditions What is considered obsolete today may be back tomorrow, because time connects people as much as tradition. Not to forget the timeless music, whether it's Latin, country, jazz, folk, or even polkas. Present traditions in a contemporary manner by making use of our wide range of royalty-free background music.
Travel / Countries / Cultures Every sunrise is the same. And yet every sunrise is different. It always depends on who's seeing it from which perspective and how it is presented. Foreign countries, funny situations, beautiful landscapes, or the centenarian with the heavy burden on her shoulder: show us how you've seen the world. Royalty-free music from distant lands that is as characteristic as your presentation can be found in this section.


Wedding / Love Butterflies in the stomach and then that glint in the eyes, a small tear welling up, or the big liberating smile as the rings are put on: there is hardly any day that brings as many emotions with it as the wedding day. Use our royalty-free music to bring the emotions you have captured in images and videos once more to the fore.