Intros, Jingles, and Sound Logos with exclusive rights for your audio branding

Jingles with exclusive rights for a unique sound branding of your podcasts, vlogs, videos, intros

  • Exclusive Rights: You alone possess the usage rights. After purchase, the jingle is removed from our catalog.
  • First Come, First Serve: Each jingle is only available as an exclusive track for a limited time.
  • All jingles are produced in the ideal duration for intros of 5-12 seconds, as recommended by YouTube.
  • Includes a legally secure exclusive license certificate and a signed GEMA exemption document.
  • More affordable audio branding solution compared to custom-commissioned composition.

We are one of the first providers to offer fully jingles with exclusive rights. 'Exclusive' means that only the licensee has the right to use the track. As soon as an order is placed, the corresponding jingle is immediately removed from our catalog. This gives your acoustic brand management uniqueness and recognizability in your vlog intros, podcasts, YouTube channels, and much more. With our exclusive license, you have the freedom to use the audio file unrestrictedly in your projects and to publish it on all media platforms - without any time or geographical limitations. Included song variants (e.g., without a melody track) offer even more options and flexibility for your custom audio logo.

All the jingles listed here are exclusively available for a limited time before they are added to our general non-exclusive catalog.

The principle of 'First Come, First Serve' applies – so don't hesitate and secure the right music for your personal sound branding now!

Exclusive 399inc. VAT

  • Uniqueness thanks to exclusive rights
  • Use of a song in as many projects as you want
  • Your projects can be published and sold anywhere

Comprehensive licensing coverage

  • Unlimited number of projects
  • Publish perpetually
  • Publish unlimitedly worldwide
  • No subscription, no additional costs
  • Signed P.R.O.-exemption document
  • License document including license key
  • For TV, radio, cinema, YouTube, social media, shops
  • Videos, movies, podcasts, hold lines, commercials
  • Client work and commercial projects
  • Music directly from the rights holder
  • Various song versions included
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Invoice payment for companies