Our music licensing: soon to be even easier!

By popular demand, we are introducing the Extended License on Monday, July 29, 2019 and replacing the professional license with a more comprehensive Standard License. Our two licenses allow you to publish your creative project anywhere in the world without any time limit, both online and off. Without follow-up costs. Including: different song versions (if available) + license and exemption document for ASCAP, GEMA, AKM, SUISA, etc.


19incl. VAT

If you purchase a Standard License for a song, you can use that song
in a single licensee project.
This project can be published and sold everywhere.


49incl. VAT

If you purchase an Extended License for a song, you can use that song
in any number of licensee projects.
These projects can be published and sold everywhere.


What happens to the licenses that are still in my cart when the switch takes place?

All licenses that are in your cart at the time of the switch will automatically be converted to the Standard License (€19 incl. VAT).

Will the licenses I purchased in the past remain valid after the changeover?

Of course! Licenses purchased on audiohub remain valid for a lifetime. You can also verify their validity via our new license validator starting July 29, 2019.

What is the difference between the Professional License and the new Standard License?

The new Standard License includes all the services of the previous Professional License and now allows adaptations, i.e. you can create recut versions of your video.

What happens to the Personal License for private users?

For all budget-conscious private users, we'll add another 50 free songs to our Creative Commons section. The previous Personal License will not be continued.

Is it possible to purchase one of the new licenses before the changeover?

Unfortunately, this is not possible for technical reasons.

Updates to the license terms

Our terms of use will be supplemented with the specifications for the new standard and Extended Licenses on July 29, 2019.