audiohub is a young start-up company founded in 2016. audiohub offers royalty-free songs from numerous music genres. The music can be downloaded either through a “Personal License” (for private use) or a “Professional License” (for business/commercial use).

Royalty free music

Many sectors such as video portals, the event and commercial industry and education sector depend significantly upon royalty free music. In one year alone, YouTube users upload around 160 million hours of video material – and a good portion of that includes music.

audiohub´s aim is to support creative professionals worldwide with high quality and affordable music.

Stock music

Our stock music library covers an extensive range of styles, whether it be A for Ambient, C for Circus or R for Rock. Visitors to our site not only have the possibility to choose between various genres of music but also between countless moods and themes. Our well-maintained music library also provides users with easy-to-adjust settings for tempo, length of music and much more.

All songs are composed and produced in-house at audiohub. This offers you many advantages such as easy export of various versions of any given song and the assurance that the music you receive remains at the highest level of quality. What´s more, you can be assured that you won´t have to pay any additional fees to Performing Rights Organizations. All music titles are available exclusively at audiohub.

The rules are simple

audiohub brings light in the darkness by offering simple, clear and straight-forward rules for licensing and uses. One sentence sums it up: There is an affordable “Personal License” for private projects and a “Professional License” for professional projects. This simplicity guarantees the licensee his/her rights, and keeps the focus on what´s truly important: having fun through music use.


The music catalogue will continue to increase in size and our portal will receive regular updates and additional attractive features. The main goal will always be to satisfy our customers, alongside whom audiohub hopes to grow in partnership. During this start-up phase in our development feedback is especially welcome! You can contact us at